Engineer's Reports

Reports regarding casting engineering which are written by our engineers

Gating System of Investment Casting

Our first article made investment casting seems so simple, as if you only need to make wax pattern, make mold, melt metal, and pour the metal into the mold. Unfortunately, the actual metallurgy practice is more complicated than that. This article helps understanding:...

Precision Casting for Medical Industries

This article discusses why precision casting technique is interesting for the medical implant casting. As already well-known, precision casting is a reliable and versatile technique for the manufacture of precision products. These traits support the penetration of...

What is steel grade classification?

Steel   Steel is the powerhouse metal for engineering applications because of its high tensile strength. In addition, steels are econominal for industrial use because of their inexpensive cost and supply stocks. The steel manufacturing technology is one of the...

What is precision casting?

What is precision casting? Precision casting (also called investment casting, lost-wax casting,and cire perdue) is a metal shaping technique to form near net-shaped products. The basic casting principle is to pour and to fill molten metal into a disposable ceramic...

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