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Investment Casting Parts With Electro Polishing Finished for Fluid Mixing Equipment

Size / Width
  • 250 MM
  • CF8
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  • Material Composition


Investment Casting Parts With Electro Polishing Finished for Fluid Mixing Equipment

Electropolishing or also known as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing, or electrolytic polishing is really useful for polishing and deburring parts that are have complex geometries or fragile. Electropolishing is an electrochemical finishing process that removes a thin layer of material from a metal part, typically stainless steel or similar alloys. This process leaves a smooth, shiny, and ultra-clean surface finish.

In electropolishing, the metal part serves as the positively charged anode. The workpiece connected to the positive terminal of a DC power rectifier and for the negatively charged cathode is generally made of stainless steel or zirconium and connected to the negative terminal of the DC power rectifier. Electrical current from the rectifier is conducted to the cathode through the electrolyte, then the electrical current causes metal ions on the surface of the part to oxidize and dissolve into the electrolyte. The process can dissolve extremely small, tightly controlled amounts of metal, and resulting in micron level thickness of surface removal.


Who Use Electropolishing?

In the past since the 1950s, scientists have commercially used the combination of chemicals and electricity to improve the surface finish of metals. Below is a wide variety of industries that use electropolishing :

  • Surgeons and dentists use electropolishing to keep their tools clean and functioning well.
  • Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processors benefit from the sterilizing features of electropolishing.
  • Appliance manufacturers use electropolishing in appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to make parts last longer and look better.
  • Aerospace manufacturers use electropolishing on flight-critical parts to reduce friction and ensure top performance.
  • Semiconductor manufacturers use electropolishing with fragile, irregularly-shaped products.
  • Automakers and the racing industry electropolish gears and fuel lines to reduce friction, boost performance and ensure the long life of parts.

Examples of metal parts that are commonly electropolished : Piping and tubing, Fasteners, Springs, Wire racks, Blades, etc.



Benefits Of Using Electropolishing


  • Decorative Appearance
  • Microscopic smoothness
  • Deburring
  • Ultra-clean Finish
  • Remove surface defects
  • Reduces friction
  • Eliminates oxide scale
  • Good for fragile parts
  • Good for complex parts



Why Should You Choose Zenith?


  • Engineering, With 20 years of experience in Lostwax Casting, we are experts in casting any kind of products and materials. Updating knowledge is a must as part of our Engineering team’s daily workload.
  • Quality Focus, Our focus is Zero defects at the customer site.With ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, CE Marking and PED 2014/68/EU Annex. I,4.3 & AD 2000-W0 certified, we have a system to control every production step to get the required quality that customer needs,
  • High Capacity, Our capacity a month can cover 120 tons with available induction furnaces range from 100kg, 150kg, and 250 kg.We also have 1 dedicated line for medical products (zenmed+)
  • IT Utilize System, With every process is managed using a cloud system, the information flow is very quick and accessible everywhere & anytime.We also enable Extranet for customers to check their PO progress and related information and documents.
  • Lean Manufacturing, By applying Lean Manufacturing, every process steps is Visual Controlled and Every Waste is identified and controlled using Continuous Improvement/Kaizen.
  • Health, Safety, & CRS, By having certified for ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015, We are committed to concern with our People Health, Safety & Environment. We are also a permanent donator for Indonesia Cancer Foundation and supporting Orphans nearby the Factory.